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spotlight: christoph hasche

christoph hasche / vfx artist christoph is a passionate berlin based visual effects & design artist and is working as a freelance compositor for feature film and tv. he does conceptual design, as well as creating cutting edge visual effects. his strengths are all visual […]

spotlight: patrick hampel

patrick hampel / freelance creative / art director patrick is living in berlin and palma de mallorca and working as a freelance creative art director. he knows advertising agencies, like »m&c saatchi berlin« or »butter« intimately and worked for renowned brands like »ferrero«, »dhl paket«, »the green […]

spotlight: marc gebehenne

marc gebehenne / illustrator / graphic designer marc is a freelance illustrator & graphic designer born and raised in the ruhr-area. for the past 15 years, he lived and worked in berlin. marc likes to draw and create characters, letters and icons. regardless of whether it’s paper, […]

spotlight: julius steffens

julius steffens / photographer / graphic designer julius was born in berlin, lived in the small town of schöneiche, and eventually moved back to berlin in the mid 00’s. with a background in design and advertising, he has set his focus on photography and digital imaging, with a […]

spotlight: franz ossig

franz ossig / graphic designer franz-christian ossig is a freelance graphic designer, creating and living in the city of berlin. since 2007, he runs his own one man company ossig design. he designed, among others, for major music labels such as emi music, virgin music, mute tonträger […]

spotlight: meikel neid

meikel neid / illustrator / author meikel grew up in berlin prenzlauer berg and is drawing since his childhood. he is drawing manually, with pen & paper, mainly characters, cartoons, creatures but also letters and other specific contract work. he creates his cartoons often very […]

spotlight: sebastian sährig

sebastian sährig / brand communications professional sebastian started his career in the middle of the global dot-com crisis, creating interactive websites based on a groundbreaking (at that time) new technology called flash. a few years later he has gained wealth of experience in international marketing working for agencies […]

spotlight: marc rudolph

marc rudolph / illustrator marc is an illustrator. he dabbled a bit in 3d art but abandoned it to focus on 2d illustrations. he also had a short excursion into post production as co-founder of the berlin based (and now defunct) company motion monkeys. he now […]

spotlight: philipp nawka

philipp nawka / voice actor / communication trainer philipp grew up in berlin, studied in berlin and halle (saale) and lives and works in leipzig recently. philipp is diploma speech scientist and is active as a voice actor and communication trainer. he does group and […]