spotlight: christoph hasche


christoph hasche / vfx artist

christoph is a passionate berlin based visual effects & design artist and is working as a freelance compositor for feature film and tv. he does conceptual design, as well as creating cutting edge visual effects. his strengths are all visual aspects and concepts of images. christoph is specialised in light and sci-fi effects for feature films. his work includes films like: »captain america I & II«, »the avengers: age of ultron«, and recently »the man from u.n.c.l.e.«. the foundry’s nuke is his main and favourite tool of choice for everything but he has also excellent photoshop skills.

christoph hates the german tv show »tatort« but likes laser beams, happy hardcore, good food and films of course.


i live in (town + borough): »berlin, p-berg«

nightclub, pub or gallery?: »at home«

your color: »knall grau«

your drink: »gin & tonic, cucumber«

song you can’t get out of your head right now: »der kuckuck und der esel«

last read: »pale blue dot«

website you visit the most lately: »«

what was your most recent inspiration: »memories«

your weapon: »chitauri blast«

what’s next: »a lot, i guess«


drago design – demoreel

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