spotlight: julius steffens


julius steffens / photographer / graphic designer

julius was born in berlin, lived in the small town of schöneiche, and eventually moved back to berlin in the mid 00’s. with a background in design and advertising, he has set his focus on photography and digital imaging, with a great interest in film and movie posters.

as a photographer julius has developed his own visual language. he captures pretty much everything around him, even so subject is often urban space and tristesse. his images are available for purchase at bobsairport.

julius drives a vespa scooter, hates tomatoes and comic sans and always has at least one photo camera at hand.


i live in (town + borough): »berlin, kreuzberg«

nightclub, pub or gallery? »beer garden«

your color: »the dark red of my vespa«

your drink: »a beer (in the bottle)«

song you can’t get out of your head right now: »impossible to pick…«

last read: »tschick by wolfgang herrndorf«

website you visit the most lately: »«

what was your most recent inspiration: »«

your weapon: »my camera«

what’s next: »hollywood«