spotlight: marc rudolph


marc rudolph / illustrator

marc is an illustrator. he dabbled a bit in 3d art but abandoned it to focus on 2d illustrations. he also had a short excursion into post production as co-founder of the berlin based (and now defunct) company motion monkeys. he now works as freelance artist.

beside following his profession marc draws characters and comic strips under his alias rudolpho. as a comic artist he draws illustrations that have a satirical take on society, full of black humour. he always has a black moleskine notebook and a pencil to hand and is constantly making notes & scribbles.

marc likes listening to rock music, is drinking very strong coffee and turns into a little, overexcited boy again as soon as he watches the looney tunes or the muppets.


i live in (town + borough): »berlin, p-hill«

nightclub, pub or gallery? »pub«

your color: »dark green«

your drink: »lagavulin«

song you can’t get out of your head right now: »ghinzu – joy, success, happiness«

last read: »yanis varoufakis – adults in the room«

website you visit the most lately: »«

what was your most recent inspiration: »neil gaiman and scottie young – fortunately, the milk«

your weapon: »observation«

what’s next: »an illustrated novella for young readers«