spotlight: patrick hampel


patrick hampel / freelance creative / art director

patrick is living in berlin and palma de mallorca and working as a freelance creative art director. he knows advertising agencies, like »m&c saatchi berlin« or »butter« intimately and worked for renowned brands like »ferrero«, »dhl paket«, »the green party germany«, »easyjet« and many more. when he is not designing, he follows his second calling as a »passionate singer«. patrick can make noises until your heart melts or your ears bleed.

patrick hates boohoo! but likes woohoo!


i live in (town + borough): »on planet earth«

nightclub, pub or gallery?: »in reverse order«

your color: »sun kissed european«

your drink: »gin tonic«

song you can’t get out of your head right now: »george michael – freedom«

last read: »the circle« von dave eggers

website you visit the most lately: »«

what was your most recent inspiration: »friendship«

your weapon: »woohoo!«

what’s next: »music«


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