spotlight: philipp nawka


philipp nawka / voice actor / communication trainer

philipp grew up in berlin, studied in berlin and halle (saale) and lives and works in leipzig recently. philipp is diploma speech scientist and is active as a voice actor and communication trainer. he does group and individual trainings with proven concepts for communication, rhetoric, voice-training and presentation. he supports and advises companies but also scientists, teachers and artists.

he has a deep variable voice (berlin accent possible) suitable for radio, audio books, advertising, audio guides, voice-over and comedy programme. philipp has a very broad knowledge and know-how in rhetoric and voice technique. he plays guitar in bands called »maler im hemd« and »nanki und nafka«.

philipp likes helge schneider, card games, jazz music and cold beer.


i live in (town + borough): »leipzig, reudnitz«

nightclub, pub or gallery? »live music and pool-billiards«

your color: »green and grey«

your drink: »beer«

song you can’t get out of your head right now: »snarky puppy – young stuff«

last read: »mark twain – autobiography«

website you visit the most lately: »netflix«

what was your most recent inspiration: »the movie ›catch 22‹«

your weapon: »guitars and voices«

what’s next: »learn windsurfing«


»universität leipzig« | produktion: sons of motion pictures



 »trailer – james bonus« | text und produktion: hendrik rümenap | für mdr 1


»der 7te sinn – spanien« | text und produktion: hendrik rümenap | für mdr 1



»kinospot studio ringleben« | produktion: sons of motion pictures

website xing maler im hemd